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Barry Ritholtz

Why Are So Many Traders (Literally) Killing Themselves?

In the world of high finance, the latest problem is taking one’s own life.Or is it?
Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg
Photograph by Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

This column is not about working too hard, or the dangers of high cholesterol, or lack of exercise. It is about a rash of suicides within the financial community. What this actually means is less certain than the reporting on it might imply.

Yesterday, 47-year-old Edmund Reilly, a trader at the Vertical Group, jumped in front of a Long Island Rail Road train, and was pronounced dead at the scene. That led to an article from the New York Post reporting that this was one of many recent suicides of people in the financial industry. IBT had a headline last fall "Suicide Among Bankers Appears To Be On The Rise Again As Pressures To Get Banks And Businesses Back In The Black Takes Its Toll."