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Wall Street Titans Outearned by Media Czars: William D. Cohan

Think Wall Street is the land of plenty when it comes to compensation? Think again. If 2011 pay to top executives is a window into the Wall Street compensation machine, then compared with other industries -- the entertainment media, for instance -- the bloom is definitely off the rose.

In 2011, the best-paid Wall Street chief executive officer was Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase & Co. He got $23 million in total compensation. John Stumpf of Wells Fargo & Co. got $17.9 million, while Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. had to settle for $16.2 million. Although Vikram Pandit at Citigroup Inc. received $14.9 million, 55 percent of Citigroup’s shareholders voted for a nonbinding resolution that would have denied him that pay. James Gorman at Morgan Stanley took home $10.5 million, a pay cut of 25 percent from the previous year. Brian Moynihan at Bank of America Corp. got $8.1 million.