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Ravaging Mountains and Lives in Coal Country: William D. Cohan

June 7 (Bloomberg) -- Sometimes an injustice is so unconscionable that nothing short of a metaphorical call to arms will suffice to right it. We have reached that point at Coal River Mountain, in the heart of West Virginia coal country, where Massey Energy Co. is slowly but surely blowing the top off the mountain. And the much-needed call to arms is a new documentary film, “The Last Mountain.”

In its quest to get at the coal, Massey -- which last week sold itself to Alpha Natural Resources Inc. for more than $7 billion -- seems to have little regard for either the environment or the lives of the people in the valleys below these mountains, both of which are rapidly being ruined. (Massey also owns the mine in Montcoal, West Virginia, where 29 miners died after an explosion in April 2010.)