Pepsi Investors `Power of One’ Skeptics: Swartzberg

May 29 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Swartzberg, analyst at Stifel, discusses his meeting with Nelson Peltz and his team on their proposal to split PepsiCo into separate food and beverage companies and investor reaction to the Peltz’s plan and the “power of one” strategy. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In the Loop. Swartzberg, his family and firm, do not own shares of PepsiCo, but Stifel makes a market in PepsiCo shares.

Trump's Biggest Successes and Failures Thus Far
54:03 - Bloomberg’s Marty Schenker and John Fraher discuss the Trump administration’s biggest achievements and shortcomings. They speak with Bloomberg's Vonnie Quinn and Mark Barton on "Bloomberg Markets." (Source: Bloomberg)
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