Full Show: Britain Out (06/24)

Brexit is a reality and the world is coming to terms with the future; a European Union without its second-largest economy, without its financial capital, without the people of the U.K. Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker recaps what top newsmakers and market experts have said about the Brexit and its impact on financial markets. (Source: Bloomberg)

The Main Takeaways From Theresa May's Speech in Florence
57:56 - Prime Minister Theresa May proposed for the first time to pay to maintain trading links with the European Union for up to two years beyond Brexit as she laid out her most detailed ever blueprint for a deal. Bloomberg's Richard Jones takes a look at the main takeaways from her speech in Florence, Italy. (Source: Bloomberg)
  • U.K.'s May Offers EU Concessions in Brexit Speech
  • May Promises U.K. Will Pay Budget Commitments
  • U.K.'s May Calls for Two-Year Brexit Transition Period