Businessweek Businessweek Design 2016:Behar, Bello & Hotz

Yves Béhar is a designer and entrepreneur who believes that integrated product, digital, and brand design are the cornerstones of any business. He is founder and chief designer of the industrial design and branding firm fuseproject, founded in 1999; he is also chief creative officer of Jawbone and co-founder of August, the next-generation home entry system. David Belo is a San Francisco-based technical design and simulation lead for McLaren Applied Technologies. Prior to joining McLaren in 2012, Belo spent seven years in the automotive industry. George Hotz first rose to prominence at age 17 by being the first person to unlock an iPhone, enabling it to be used on different carriers and outside of the U.S. At 21, Hotz again achieved notoriety when he cracked the encryption schema on the Playstation 3, which led to a lawsuit and settlement against Sony. Hotz recently founded, an autonomous-driving software company.

Phil Knight Says Nike Swoosh Design Originally Cost $35
07:04 - Phil Knight, Nike co-founder and chairman emeritus, tells David Rubenstein about how he sees Nike as a marketing company. He speaks in episode two of the third season of "The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations." (Source: Bloomberg)
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