The Peak Oil Myth and the Rise of the Electric Car

There are more than one billion cars on the road worldwide today, and only one tenth of one percent of them have a plug. OPEC contends that even in the year 2040, EVs will make up just one percent. But don't be so sure. By 2020, some electric cars and SUVs will be faster, safer, cheaper, and more convenient than their gasoline counterparts. What if people just stop buying oil? In the first episode of our animated series, Sooner Than You Think, Bloomberg's Tom Randall does the math on when oil markets might be headed for the big crash. (Source: Bloomberg)

Elon Musk's Dream of a 29 Minute NY-D.C. Connection
11:38 - Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he won “verbal” government approval to build the world’s longest tunnel for an ultra-high-speed hyperloop line to connect New York to Washington. Bloomberg’s Max Chafkin reports on “Bloomberg Markets.” (Source: Bloomberg)
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