Boomer Auto Fans Park Cars Next to Sofas in Car Condos

Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- At AutoMotorPlex, 40 acres (16 hectares) of fancy garages overlooking a wetland outside Minneapolis, aging boomers hang out with their cars, watch sports on big-screen televisions and commune with fellow auto enthusiasts. Bloomberg's Jeff Green spoke with AutoMotorPlex founder Bruno Silikowski about the accelerating trend of such projects and the people who buy upscale "car condos." (Source: Bloomberg)

Chinese Solar Cell Maker to Join Electric Vehicle Race
16:14 - An energy conglomerate in China is seeking opportunities in electric vehicles eight months after announcing plans to make batteries for zero-emission cars. In an exclusive interview, Golden Concord Group President Kou Bingen says the company plans to team up with a car maker in China to join the EV market. (Source: Bloomberg)
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