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A War With No End in Sight: The Political Week in Photos

The Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its third week, killing scores of civilians, sending more than 2 million refugees into neighboring countries and causing the large-scale destruction of key infrastructure. Peace talks between the two sides have made no progress.

Russia was hit by widespread international sanctions on everything from oil to banks for its action, and companies ranging from McDonald’s and Coca-Cola to Apple, Dell and Microsoft curtailed their operations in the country, with Russians’ access to the internet severely curbed. Billionaires known as oligarchs had their assets frozen and property including yachts seized.

China faced a dual shock of a spike in oil prices and the highest coronavirus spread in years that threatens its ambitious economic-growth targets.

And the U.S. indicated it’s willing to relax economic pressure on Venezuela depending on the outcome of upcoming talks between the government and opposition.

These were among the topics of this week’s most compelling political images.