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Photographer: Drew Phillips
Photographer: Drew Phillips

The $250,000 Bugatti That Drives Like $2.5 Million

The original Bugatti Type 35 was the fastest, most powerful car of its day. Fewer than 100 were made, and they're exceedingly rare and expensive to buy today. But there is a way to get your hands on one that's just like the originals. It's not a modern remake. It's not a close imitation. It's an exact replica, down to the very last bolt.

Pur Sang, which originated as the French term for pure blood, is an old horse racing term to describe a genuine thoroughbred.

The phrase also refers to the Argentina-based company that hand-builds Type 35 Bugattis as exact replicas of the originals. Pur Sang Argentina produces more than 20 Bugatti Type 35s a year, among other models, that contain the same components—no more, no less—as their now multimillion-dollar predecessors.