Men's jackets manufactured in partnership with Hackett.

Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Men's jackets manufactured in partnership with Hackett.

Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Aston Martin Now Has a $4,000 Stroller and a Yacht for Dad

Aston Martin is pushing into consumer products from decorated apartments to handbags, as the British manufacturer shifts sights from rival Ferrari to the likes of Hermes. A new store in London’s exclusive Mayfair district is Aston Martin’s biggest effort yet to establish the brand as a purveyor of all things luxury. While the shop offers ornamental bowls, £3,000 ($4,000) baby strollers and £15,000 crocodile-skin bags, its ambitions go far beyond that. Photographs by Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

While expanding the brand beyond cars like its flagship £160,000-pound DB11 risks muddying its image, one of the few independent manufacturers of luxury autos may have little choice.

Even with the addition of the DBX crossover by the end of the decade, demand for pricey vehicles is limited by the need to defend exclusivity. That puts pressure on Aston Martin to seek new revenue streams to return to profit by 2018.

This handcrafted crocodile skin bag is the most expensive item at the new boutique, at £15,000, including 24 carat gold Aston Martin wings.

Aston Martin developed a dedicated line of jackets and shirts with a British men's design brand, Hackett. The clothing line will be introduced alongside one of Aston Martin's DB models at Hackett's store in central London.

The Aston brand can always be in sight. Other items include leather weekend bags (£1,100), laptop holders (£690) and smaller cases (£400). More items are in development.

Leather jackets and gloves designed with clothing brand Hackett. The items have at least the oversight of the carmaker's design team: "Generally speaking, we don't simply want to brand a product, we want to bring in the Aston design," CEO Andy Palmer said.

The company will deliver its first yacht in September. Aston Martin was recruited by yachtmaker Quintessence to develop and manufacture the product. Palmer says he's been fielding a lot of interest from potential buyers.

A selection of ladies' scarves. This merchandise, along with the luxury strollers, is a way for Aston Martin to introduce more women to the brand. Women will be a key target market for the company's new SUV, the DBX crossover.

The store isn't just an effort to sell merchandise, but a way to get new visitors interested in Aston Martin's cars. The leather and paint color choices along with the carmaker's latest creation, the DB11, will be displayed at the center of a shop, allowing assistants to introduce visitors to its main product.

A selection of body colors on display.

The store also stocks £3,000 ($3,980) baby strollers in partnership with Silver Cross. The pram comes in two sizes.

The company  logo is etched into a brass plaque. Aston Martin's design is centered around the Phythagorean Spiral which serves as the centerpiece of the store. Its design team uses the dimensions in the naturally occurring ratio, which it says makes the cars more appealing.