Photographer: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

Buying a Kalashnikov Is Easier Than Ever at the Moscow Airport

They look so real, it's almost scary. AK-47 assault rifle-maker Kalashnikov, the notorious favorite of rebels and warlords alike, is going mainstream with a boutique at the terminal connected to Moscow's main airport, Sheremetyevo. The boutique sells high-end replicas that cost almost as much as the real thing—alongside survival gear, tote bags and "I ♥ AK"  T-shirts. Photographs by Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg

  1.    Looking Down the Barrel

    Looking Down the Barrel

    The one time it's not so scary looking down the barrel of a Kalashnikov. 

  2.    Choose Your Weapon

    Choose Your Weapon

    Replicas are available for the famous AK-47 alongside other models. The airport says anything resembling a gun must be checked into luggage for the cargo hold and can't be carried on board the aircraft, so security hasn't been a problem.

  3.    Kalashnikov Style

    Kalashnikov Style

    Show your loyalty with a T-shirt that says "I ♥ AK" and "I'm Your Father"

  4.    Authenticity


    A chrome-plated Kalashnikov MMG AK-74 replica is authentic to the original.

  5.    Strike a Pose

    Strike a Pose

    It's hard to resist posing for a photograph

  6.    Almost the Real Thing

    Almost the Real Thing

    Costs for the replicas range from 15,600 rubles to 34,500 rubles ($530) for the MMG AK-74 on the bottom. Gun dealers online offer real AK 47s from around $700

  7.    Hands Up

    Hands Up

    The replica Makarov-654K-20 pistol costs 6,500 rubles ($100)

  8.    Not So Subtle

    Not So Subtle

    The Kalashnikov 7.62 caliber bullet cartridge doubles as a memory stick and keyring at 1,499 rubles ($23)

  9.    Carry a Kalashnikov Anywhere

    Carry a Kalashnikov Anywhere

    If you can't carry a real Kalashnikov, how about a tote bag?

  10.    Grand Ambitions

    Grand Ambitions

    The store opened Aug. 16, and the company plans to roll out more sites in the future.

  11.    A Russian Experience

    A Russian Experience

    After visiting the Kalashnikov shop, hit the Happy Circle for authentic Russian fast-food blinis. If that's too local, there's a Burger King just across the mall