Photographer: Charlie Kwai/Bloomberg
Photographer: Charlie Kwai/Bloomberg

Celebrating British Eccentricity at the 2016 Chap Olympiad

In just under a month, the world’s gaze will fall on Rio de Janeiro for the start of the 2016 Olympics. But a very different kind of games were just held at the 12th annual Chap Olympiad, in the Bloomsbury district of London. Hundreds gathered to forget about Brexit for a day and celebrate British eccentricity. And show an undying love of tweed and  tea. Photographs by Charlie Kwai/Bloomberg

In the "Not Playing Tennis" event, points are awarded to those who best use their time doing anything other than tennis.

At the Chap Olympics, it's Pimm's o'clock all day long.

Chapettes enjoy a most British pastime - a tea break. One of the Olympiad events involves simultaneously cycling while pouring tea. Tea is everywhere.

"I am NOT wearing tweed!" *stamps feet*

Few things are more British than a picnic hamper, an economical choice that frees up cash for essentials such as gin.

Contestants compete in the "Corby Trouser Press Challenge" - by negotiating around a series of six trouser presses.

The event—now in its 12th year—led hundreds of dapper Chaps and Chapettes to assemble in their most elegant finery and dandywear, to pour tea, joust and forget their Brexit blues.

Why the British excel at cycling.

Everything comes with a side of chintz.

Butler Baiting, Swooning and Moustache Wrestling were just some of events on the program.

Marks & Spencer and the Union Jack. Because Britain.

Being a Chap is exhausting work, just ask this old fox.