Photographer: Justin Walker/Bloomberg

In the Kitchen With Matt Wadiak, Blue Apron Co-Founder

The 38-year-old chef, co-founder, and COO of the recipe delivery service Blue Apron uses his West Village kitchen to experiment with new meals, entertain friends, and, crucially, spoil his dog.  Photographs by Justin Walker/Bloomberg; Styling: Kaitlyn Du Ross Walker

The second installment of Pursuits' "In the Kitchen" series features a glimpse into the large, spare kitchen of Matt Wadiak in Manhattan's West Village. Wadiak rents, and even though his kitchen was delivered as is, he's managed to make it his own, putting in a butcher block and filling his ample counter space with wine, appliances, and art.

(Corrects age of Wadiak.)
  1. Making a Colorful, Easy Meal

    Making a Colorful, Easy Meal

    After a trip to the farmers market, Wadiak created a seafood pasta dish with mussels and a salad made from strawberries, shallots, and a whole-grain mustard vinaigrette. "I only really use strawberries once a year," he says, "when they're at their peak." The meal is served on Mud Australia dinner plates.

  2. Prepping Pasta

    Prepping Pasta

    Wadiak says being in the kitchen is his "Zen" time. One of his go-to dishes is handmade pasta made from fresh greens. Here, two handcrafted knives from Togiharu, a Japanese knife company, rest on a maple cutting board from John Boos & Co. The knives are made exclusively for Blue Apron and are available on its website. The rosé is from Point Concepción, part of Blue Apron's June wine delivery.

  3. A Beverage-Heavy Refrigerator

    A Beverage-Heavy Refrigerator

    "Usually there's probably more produce in there," Wadiak says, referring to his refrigerator, which is filled with bottled water and condiments, "but I travel so much for work these days, if I'm gone for a long time I try not to waste food, so I don't stock so much."

  4. Bok Choi Pasta

    Bok Choi Pasta

    Using his Vitamix blender, Wadiak makes a bok choi purée, which he then adds to flour and eggs. "It's super hot and spicy," he says. "It creates an aromatic kick to the pasta."

  5. Rolling Out the Pasta

    Rolling Out the Pasta

    "It's one of those things that once you do it a few times, you get the hang of it," says Wadiak, who uses an Atlas pasta maker. "You want to make sure the [dough] is the width of the roller, but you can't make it too wide because then it crimps."

  6. Seaweed Pappardelle

    Seaweed Pappardelle

    Wadiak cuts the pappardelle in uneven widths on purpose. "This is a seafood dish," he says, "so I try to make the pasta look a little bit like seaweed."

  7. Cleaning the Mussels

    Cleaning the Mussels

    Wadiak crouches over the sink to clean and de-beard the mussels, which he then cooks in a sauce of tomato, saffron, onion, garlic, "and a little bit of wine," he says. The immaculate counter, meanwhile, is no accident. "I clean as I go," Wadiak says. 

  8. Tossing It Together

    Tossing It Together

    After briefly boiling the pasta, Wadiak mixes it in with the mussels in an All-Clad stainless steel stock pot, then pours it all into a copper Mauviel dish, which he uses for serving. In the background is a Chantal tea kettle.

  9. Antique Silver

    Antique Silver

    Wadiak's flatware is antique silver, passed down from his grandmother. "I use it for everyday," he says. "Nothing fancy."

  10. Wine, Everywhere

    Wine, Everywhere

    Wadiak loves both buying and drinking wine, though the latter pursuit has trouble keeping up with the former. "I have too much wine," he says, "It's pretty much stuffed into the crevices of my apartment." He says he's a fan of "the old world," wines from Italy and France.

  11. Panda in Action

    Panda in Action

    Wadiak lives with his 7-year-old terrier Panda, whom he admits to indulging with a near constant stream of treats from the kitchen. "I can't resist," he says. The glasses are from Blue Apron's The One Wine Glasses set.