Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

This Company Builds $300,000 Luxury Safes for the 1 Percent

Where do those who have it all, and then some, stow their most treasured belongings? For nearly a century, Magstadt, Germany-based Doettling — makers of luxury safes — have been crafting their pieces from materials that evoke a world of luxury and opulence beyond the reach of almost everyone. What comes from their factory is finished as finely as a Swiss watch. Photographs by Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

  1. Colosimo Combination Lock

    Colosimo Combination Lock

    Doettling safes have been a go-to maker of bespoke safes for collectors and connoisseurs around the world for almost 100 years. The company, based in southern Germany, can count companies such as Porsche and Mercedes as regional neighbors.

  2. Jaeger-LeCoultre


    A Jaeger-LeCoultre branded safe on display at the company's headquarters. Doettling have worked with big brands including Ferrari and Hublot.

  3. Hot Metal

    Hot Metal

    Doettling make a huge range of luxury safes, from the portable "Guardian" and their "FocusLine," which costs around 9,000 euros, to the limited edition "Narcissus," which can cost 275,000 euros ($313,000).

  4. Fortress


    According to the company, the calfskin upholstered "Fortress," pictured here, is the world's most impregnable luxury safe and features eight individually controlled watch winders, a Spanish cedar humidor, a hygrometer and a barometer, among many other features.

  5. Gear Wheels

    Gear Wheels

    Locking bolts and precision gear wheels on a Doettling Colosimo two-door safe.

  6. Models


    Clockwise from left: the "Fortress," the "GrandCircle" - which holds 52 individually controllable watch winders, a minibar and subwoofer, the limited edition "Narcissus" - designed in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld - and the portable sledgehammer-proof "Guardian."

    Source: Doettling GmbH

  7. Wound Up

    Wound Up

    An engineer assembles a Gyrowinder wristwatch winder - one of the company's luxurious tabletop offerings.

  8. Restoration


    Gold fittings sit on a restored antique safe - the company works with restorers, goldsmiths, locksmiths, saddlers, painters, and security specialists to make each individual piece.

  9. Pick a Key

    Pick a Key

    Keys of restored antique luxury safes.

  10. Leatherwork


    An employee smooths a leather cover on a luxury security safe - each hide is hand-cut to be edge-beveled and sewn - often using calfskin, zebra skin, bird feathers and even ray skin, among others.

  11. Leather-Bound


    Combination locks and the hygrometer and barometer dials of a humidor on a leather-bound 'Fortress' safe.