Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

Here’s Where to Drink Decent Coffee in Paris

Despite a world-best café culture, coffee in the French capital has always been more about the “experience” than the brew. Now, thanks to an upswing in specialty craft roasters and cafés popping up on both sides of the Seine, an expertly prepared mug of java doesn’t have to be an afterthought to the oh-so-Parisian way of refueling.

Photographer Molly SJ Lowe prowled the city’s burgeoning caffeine scene during the recent menswear shows to shoot the skilled and stylish baristas who are serving up the best espresso-infused beverages in Paris's new and authentic coffee meccas. 

For a map of all cafés featured in this story, click here.

  1. Yui


    Where: Boot Café (19 Rue du Pont aux Choux, 3rd arrondissement)

    Wearing: Ichi jacket, Rag & Bone pants, COS shirt, Converse sneakers

    Favorite Brew: Pour Over

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  2. Andrew


    Where: Fondation Café (16 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, 3rd arrondissement)

    Wearing: Chevignon sweater, vintage shirt, Levi’s jeans, Asics sneakers

    Favorite Brew: Café Crème (made with beans roasted in Belleville, Paris)

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  3. Monica & Barbara

    Monica & Barbara

    Where: Comme à Lisbonne (37 Rue du Roi-de-Sicile, 4th arrondissement)

    Wearing: (left) Zara pants and shoes, Pull & Bear sweater; (right) Stradivarius pants and sweater, H&M sweater vest, BooRoo shoes. Both in traditional Portuguese tabliers, or aprons

    Favorite Brew: Galão Ristretto (100 percent Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, with foamed Portuguese milk and served with pastéis de nata, custard tarts)

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  4. Sander


    Where: Strada Café (24 Rue Monge, 5th arrondissement)

    Wearing: Super 7 (store in San Francisco) T-shirt, Uniqlo pants, Reebok sneakers, glasses purchased in Amsterdam

    Favorite Brew: Cold Brew

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  5. Hélène


    Where: Torréfaction Aouba (30 Rue d’Aligre, 11th arrondissement)

    Wearing: Odlo fleece, Levi's Jeans, Swedish-made working boots

    Favorite Brew: Café Crème (made from coffee that was grown at a high altitude in South America)

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  6. Antonis


    Where: Café Lomi (3 ter Rue Marcadet, 18th arrondissement)

    Wearing: Zara T-shirt, Levi’s jeans, New Balance sneakers

    Favorite Brew: AeroPress coffee

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  7. Martina


    Where: La Caféothèque (52 Rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, 4th arrondissement)

    Wearing: Nike sneakers, H&M leggings and skirt, hat and shirt are gifts from San Francisco

    Favorite Brew: Flat White (2 shots of espresso and micro-foamed cream)

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  8. Maxime


    Where: Brûlerie des Gobelins (2 Ave. des Gobelins, 5th arrondissement)

    Wearing: Diesel jeans, vintage polo, flea market-find bracelet, Nike shoes

    Favorite Brew: Espresso

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  9. Youssef


    Where: Fragments (76 Rue des Tournelles, 3rd arrondissement)

    Wearing: Uniqlo shirt, Cheap Monday pants, Nike Archive 83 sneakers

    Favorite Brew: Cappuccino

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  10. Caroline


    Where: Coutume Instituutti (60 Rue des Écoles, 5th arrondissement)

    Wearing: H&M shirt, Topshop jeans, Vans sneakers

    Favorite Brew: Double espresso of Café Brésilien FAF #680 beans

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  11. Antonio


    Where: da Zavola (24 Rue des Bernardins, 5th arrondissement)

    Wearing: Levi’s jeans, no-label polo, Reebok shoes

    Favorite Brew: Café serré a l’italienne (a strong, 100-percent Arabica blend)

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg

  12. Margot


    Where: KB Cafeshop (53 Avenue Trudaine, 9th arrondissement)

    Wearing: Forever 21 shirt, H&M pants, Converse sneakers, vintage necklace

    Favorite Brew: Flat White

    Photographer: Molly SJ Lowe/Bloomberg