Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg
Photographer: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

Making Candy Canes in Denver for More Than 90 Years

A young Carl Hammond once got a job as an apprentice in a candy factory. Now Hammond’s Candies, established in 1920, is a manufacturer of hard candies and chocolates. It also makes lollipops, ribbon candy, and oversize candy canes. Photographs by Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

Workers pour out a kettle of cooked corn syrup to be made into candy canes at the Hammond’s Candies production facility in Denver.

Candy scraps are folded into a corn syrup mixture that will be used to produce candy canes.

A worker manipulates chunks of soft candy before stretching and twisting them.

Searching for air bubbles in a mound of corn syrup.

A log of candy is heated and stretched into candy canes.

Candy canes move down a conveyor belt.

Corn syrup cools on a table.

Cherry cordials are covered with chocolate.

Strands of cotton candy hang from an electrical outlet.

Workers make and package bags of peppermint cotton candy.

Hammond’s Candies has been in Denver for more than 90 years.