Photographer: Hannah Elliott/Bloomberg

Up Close With the Superformance MKII Slab Side Cobra: Photos

We spent a day with the modern version of the iconic racer. It had all the glamour (and performance) of the original, but with the smooth reliability of its new Ford engine and American assembly. Let's take a more detailed look.

  1. Just Like 1962

    Just Like 1962

    The Superformance MKII Slab Side Cobra is based on the cars American designer Carroll Shelby developed in the early 1960s. (Check it out in action in this video review.)

    Photographer: Hannah Elliott/Bloomberg

  2. Top Off

    Top Off

    With its 375-horsepower Ford V8 engine, classic Tojeiro-styled round-tube chassis, authentic transverse leaf spring suspension, and super lightweight body, it’s the perfect car to have on hand for a weekend thrill.

    Photographer: Adam Wolfbrandt/Bloomberg

  3. Legendary Curves

    Legendary Curves

    The open-top roadsters come with an optional rag-top cover ($2,595). 

    Photographer: Hannah Elliott/Bloomberg

  4. Room for Two

    Room for Two

    The thin slim steering wheel, plump leather seats, and smooth, five-speed manual transmission all work in happy harmony to offer probably the most authentic driving experience.

    Photographer: Ted7/Courtesy of Superformance

  5. Original Details

    Original Details

    The tiny rear-view mirror, turning indicators, and single, bullet-style drivers' side mirror ($250) are all just like the originals. 

    Photographer: Hannah Elliott/Bloomberg

  6. Cali Made

    Cali Made

    The roadster is built by California-based Superformace, with official licensing provided by Shelby. Chassis start at just under $70,000.

    Photographer: Hannah Elliott/Bloomberg


  7. Vintage Dials

    Vintage Dials

    The car is engineered so perfectly that you can have a normal conversation in the cockpit even at highway speeds. The gauges are simple and easy to read at a glance. 

    Photographer: Ted7/Courtesy of Superformance

  8. Steering Wheel

    Steering Wheel

    The steering, brakes, windows, and locks are all manual, not power-operated. 

    Photographer: Ted7/Courtesy of Superformance

  9. Classic Hello

    Classic Hello

    The car was designed to emulate the great Cobra 289 streetcars from the golden era of racing in the 1960s. 

    Photographer: Ted7/Courtesy of Superformance

  10. Under the Hood

    Under the Hood

    The 375-horsepower Ford V8 gets 14 miles per gallon in the city and 18 on the highway. The hood opens with the hinged side farthest away from the windshield, just like the original. 

    Photographer: Ted7/Courtesy of Superformance

  11. Extras


    Options include ceramic-coated headers and exhaust ($1,175), undercar exhaust ($1,750), the heating and defrost system ($1,450), and the grab handle ($295) to help you get inside.

    Photographer: Ted7/Courtesy of Superformance

  12. Detail-Oriented


    The two-point seat belts are old-style latch and release. 

    Photographer: Ted7/Courtesy of Superformance

  13. In-Demand


    The wait list for one of the Slab Side cobras is four months. Including most options, they'll run nearly $100,000. (Full video review.)

    Photographer: Ted7/Courtesy of Superformance