Photographer: Shiho Fukada/Bloomberg
Photographer: Shiho Fukada/Bloomberg

Where Cuddly Is Made: Inside the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory

Vermont Teddy Bear in Shelburne was started in 1981 and hand-makes more than 150,000 bears annually for its gift delivery service. No two are exactly alike. Photographer: Shiho Fukada/Bloomberg

The factory accepts visitors for tours seven days a week.

The Teddy Bears’ fur is flame-resistant and machine-washable.

Brown and blue eyes wait to give “sight” to a new bear.

The bears are designed in the classic style of the original Teddy Roosevelt bear.

Workers hand-stuff bears during production.

A factory employee weighs bears to make sure they have the same amount of stuffing inside.

A worker trims Teddy Bear fur.

A completed bear is all dressed up and ready for shipping.

The company employs about 170 year-round workers.

Bears ready for the final stitch.

A bear’s fur gets combed before shipping.

A worker stitches some fur. The Teddy Bears are hypoallergenic.

A worker packs teddy bears for shipping.

The eyes, joints, noses, and paw pads are made in the U.S.

Every Vermont Teddy Bear is guaranteed for life.