Photographer: Nicolas Janowski/Bloomberg

First Time in History: Argentina's Opposition Forces a Runoff

A surprise surge by the Argentine opposition candidate on Sunday drove the presidential race to a runoff, the first in its history, with the two main candidates locked in a near tie. With 97 percent of the vote counted, Daniel Scioli, the ruling party candidate, held 36.9 percent, while Mauricio Macri of the opposition held 34.3 percent.

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    Mauricio Macri, mayor of Buenos Aires and presidential candidate, waves to supporters at his campaign headquarters on election night in Buenos Aires.

    Photographer: Patricio Pidal/Bloomberg

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    Supporters of Mauricio Macri cheer at the party's headquarters.

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    Presidential candidate Daniel Scioli speaks at his campaign headquarters on election night in Buenos Aires.

    Photographer: Nicolas Janowski/Bloomberg

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    Supporters of Daniel Scioli wait in dejection at the party's headquarters.

    Photographer: Juan Mabromata/AFP via Getty Images

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    Scioli supporters in Buenos Aires. Whoever wins, investors in Argentina are betting on a shift toward more market-friendly policies following a dozen years of leftist populism by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and her late husband Néstor.  

    Photographer: Charly Diaz Azcue/STR/LatinContent via Getty Images

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    Polls suggest no party will win an absolute majority in the congress, where a number of seats are also being contested.  

    Photographer: Nicolas Janowski/Bloomberg

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    A supporter of Daniel Scioli impersonates Pope Francis outside the party's headquarters.

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    Scioli supporters hold flags and banners as they wait for their candidate to deliver a speech during a final campaign rally.

    Photographer: Axel Indik/Bloomberg

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    Daniel Scioli greets supporters. Opinion polls in recent months had showed Scioli well ahead. 

    Photographer: Axel Indik/Bloomberg

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    At the campaign headquarters of Mauricio Macri.

    Photographer: Patricio Pidal/Bloomberg

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    Supporters hold drums featuring a portrait of Daniel Scioli at Luna Park in Buenos Aires.

    Photographer: Axel Indik/Bloomberg

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    A voter casts his ballot at a polling station in Santa Rosa.

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    A soldier stands guard at a polling station in Buenos Aires.

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    About 79 percent of the Argentine electorate, or 25 million people, voted across a country in which voting is obligatory, Justice Minister Julio Alak said. 

    Photographer: Nicolas Janowski/Bloomberg

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    Supporters of Macri, the Cambiemos alliance's candidate, celebrate after the general elections in Buenos Aires.

    Photographer: Gabriel Rossi/LatinContent via Getty Images