Photograph by Vang15

Ross School of Business Spies a Far-Flung Social Photo Op in MBA Field Trips

  1. Immersions


    It’s unlikely you’ll come across a sea buckthorn (a common Mongolian fruit) or a herd of giraffe in downtown Ann Arbor, Mich. (Make that extremely unlikely.) As part of a seven-week immersion program, MBA students at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business helped organizations in some exotic locations around the globe.

    To encourage students to share their experiences, the school asked students to post photos on Twitter or Instagram (hashtag #ROSSMAP) along such weekly themes as “show us where you’re working,” or “what type of project you are doing.”

    Most business schools use social media to help strengthen their brands, generate interest, and shed light on student culture. While offering vivid imagery is the key to savvy social media marketing, B-school doesn’t always photograph well. Ross saw opportunity in its far-flung student dispatches and ended up with a robust campaign: In all, students posted more than 500 pictures from nearly 90 projects in more than two dozen countries. Here is a sampling.

    Photograph by Vang15
  2. Goat Check

    Goat Check

    A herd of goats check out a van used by the students to visit a farm near Darkhan, Mongolia. Sea buckthorn, an orange, berry-like fruit commonly grown in the region, is central to the team’s research for the United Nations Development Program.


    Photograph by Ricky Li
  3. Strawberry Fields

    Strawberry Fields

    Ross students talk with farmers at a local greenhouse in Batsumber Soum, Tuv Province, Mongolia, about procedures for getting seeds and growing strawberries.

    Photograph by Mohamed Younis
  4. The Tailor

    The Tailor

    Vincent, a tailor in the Kimironko market of Kigali in Rwanda, sews a garment to-order for his client. Carrie Wolfe, a Ross MBA student working on a project with Sustainable Harvest, took this photo. She was looking over the market as part of team research for Sustainable Harvest and the William Davidson Institute exploring viable business models for markets in the world’s poorest areas.

    Photograph by Carrie Wolfe
  5. Selfies in South Africa

    Selfies in South Africa

    Students working on a project with a nonprofit health organization in Cape Point, South Africa, break for a few selfies.

    Photo collage by Audrey Horn
  6. Protective Attire

    Protective Attire

    Ross students Parthiv Varadarajan (from left), Hyeongkyeong Kim, James Lamontagne, Susan Syriac, Javier Castellanos, and Wenkai Wei in protective suits following their tour of an electronics fabrication facility in Lehi, Utah. The team is working with Intel (INTC) on an investment strategy project.

    Photograph of Hyeongkyeong Kim
  7. Storming the Castle

    Storming the Castle

    After finishing work with KSI Software in Dublin, Daniel Gross (from left), Sophie Yin, Roy Rubinstein, and Nickhil Bhave visit King John’s Castle in Limerick, Ireland. The castle overlooks the River Shannon, the country's longest river.

    Photograph by Aracelit Fernandez
  8. Time off with Giraffes

    Time off with Giraffes

    At Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, the giraffes (in the background) were kind enough to pose with a Ross team taking some time off from a business-plan project with Impact Enterprises.

    Photograph by Brett Stickels
  9. Sightseeing


    Stephen Wai (from left), Melanie Preston, Bobby Gorman, and Hannah Roshetko at the Qutub Minar tower in Delhi during a sightseeing break from their work on smartcard analysis for a multinational bank headquartered in India.

    Photograph by Pava Arya
  10. The Towers

    The Towers

    Ross MBA student Ali Bajwa snapped this picture of the Orlando Towers in Soweto, South Africa, while traveling with his team. They’re working on a project with a global nonprofit health organization.

    Photograph by Ali Bajwa
  11. Hiking the Inca Trail

    Hiking the Inca Trail

    Taking some time off from their work on a digital strategy for a cosmetics company in Peru, students hike a portion of the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu.

    Photograph by Matt Girolamo
  12. The View

    The View

    In Fortaleza, Brazil, to work with Procter & Gamble (PG) on Latin American market-development strategies, Olivia Khazan took this shot of the view from the hotel Blue Tree Premium.

    Photograph by Olivia Khazan
  13. The Male Perspective

    The Male Perspective

    Khazan captured the men on the P&G team inspecting feminine hygiene products in Brazil as part of their research.

    Photo collage by Olivia Khazan
  14. Culture Club

    Culture Club

    A little closer to home, students visit Menlo Innovations in Ann Arbor, Mich., to conduct field research before heading west to work on a company-culture project for VMware (VMW) in Palo Alto, Calif.

    Photo collage of Kyle Grubman