Five Cocktails to Get You in the Mood for Spring

  1. Violetta Valéry

    Violetta Valéry

    By Eben Freeman of Ai Fiori in New York

    A pioneer of molecular gastronomy, Freeman suggests a fragrant concoction to pair with food. “I like flowers in the spring, and this fits the bill nicely,” he says of his violet-flavored drink.

  2. Beet Me in St. Louis

    Beet Me in St. Louis

    By Chad Phillips of the Social Club in Miami

    Miami doesn’t really have seasons, but it does have trends. The latest: cold-pressed juice. In this ode to his hometown, Phillips applies his “culinary approach” to liquor.

  3. Papa Don’t Preach

    Papa Don’t Preach

    By Jamie Kilgore of Planter’s House in St. Louis

    Kilgore wanted “something to enjoy as the slush melts away.” The result is a bright, crisp rum-and-Champagne mix with tart acidity to remind you spring is on its way.

  4. Full Seed Ahead

    Full Seed Ahead

    By Matthew Biancaniello of Pot Bar in Los Angeles

    Biancaniello, who forages aromatics and keeps a bee colony, loves using California kiwi in cocktails. When he sees them at the farmers’ market, “it shows that we’re starting to move out of citrus season and into spring.”

  5. Battle Cat

    Battle Cat

    By Matty Eggleston of Nico Osteria in Chicago

    Eggleston created a cold-weather tweak on a spring classic—the mint julep. “It’s strong and refreshing with the mintiness,” he says. “And it’s easy to make.”

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