Illustration by Dan Woodger for Bloomberg Businessweek

The Best Apps for Client Entertaining

  1. PGA Tour Caddie

    PGA Tour Caddie

    With more than 40,000 golf courses on file, this helps your foursome on just about any links in the world. Tour Caddie’s features include yardage books, 3D flyovers of holes, and statistic tracking so you can evaluate your game. It uses GPS to calculate distance to the green, and if you track your shots, it will even make club recommendations. No tipping required.

    Illustration by Dan Woodger for Bloomberg Businessweek
  2. Foursquare


    You may think Foursquare is just an app people use to stalk one another, but it’s evolved into a location-specific gold mine. It has access to more than 250,000 menus and collects all comments from previous visitors, so you’ll know that when you’re at, say, New York’s Minetta Tavern, the Black Label Burger is a must.

  3. Seat Sherpa

    Seat Sherpa

    This maps out hundreds of stadiums and sports arenas—helpful if your duties include getting tickets for a Final Four game. The app provides seating charts and allows users to upload photos and videos so you can check the view before you buy. You can store maps offline for easy retrieval.

  4. Eater


    Why Eater and not, say, Yelp or Zagat? Those apps tell you about places people love—Eater tells you about the restaurants that people are going to love. There are two lists: the best restaurants in town—tried-and-true bastions of excellence—and the newest places everyone wants to check out next. Between the two, you’ll find a spot that pleases conservative or daring tablemates.

  5. OpenTable


    You have OpenTable on your phone, right? No? Go do that. OpenTable shows up-to-the-minute availability at restaurants—more than 30,000 of them—in almost every major city in the U.S. and some smaller towns as well. Menu info and user reviews help set expectations.

    Illustration by Dan Woodger for Bloomberg Businessweek
  6. WineRatings+


    The waiter hands you the wine list. It’s on you now. Cool your nerves with Wine Spectator’s app, WineRatings+. While your clients are chatting about today’s boardroom drama, quickly search the magazine’s database of almost 300,000 bottles to check ratings. A vintage chart gives the best years from a particular region. Or scan preselected lists such as Top 100 Wines or Blue Chip Collectibles.

  7. Uber


    Yes, there are other car-service apps, but Uber is the only one that’s reliable. When the check arrives, open the app and choose a car. Uber bills the ride to the credit card you have on file and e-mails a receipt. Because it ties you in to a network of drivers, you won’t be waiting on hold with some car-service company while your guests are getting their coats.

  8. CardMunch


    “Here’s my card.” You heard that a dozen times. Snap a photo of each with CardMunch. The service, a part of LinkedIn, has actual humans transcribe them, which is much more accurate than apps using optical character recognition. You’ll also get a LinkedIn profile when the data’s returned to you, in anywhere from an hour to overnight. Keep everything in the app or copy to your phone book.

    Illustration by Dan Woodger for Bloomberg Businessweek