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The Specs of Famous Execs

  1. Evaluating Executive Eyeglasses

    Evaluating Executive Eyeglasses

    A panel of eyeglasses aficionados, made up of Oliver Peoples founder and creative director Larry Leight, Warby Parker co-founder Neil Blumenthal, Moscot Eyewear’s Harvey Moscot, and celebrity stylist Brad Goreski, star of Bravo’s It’s a Brad Brad World, take a thorough look at executive specs.

    Goreski: “I think Bill could take it a step further, to what I call substitute-teacher glasses: the tweedy Harvard professor in the 1950s. A bit thicker, rounder, and tortoiseshell.”
    Moscot: “I hate to say this, but it seems like he’s trying to steal that creative vibe from Apple. It’s actually a pretty hip frame.”
    Blumenthal: “These frames are pretty flawless. He’s the original gangster of geekdom.”

    Photograph by Charles Sykes/AP Photo
  2. Dick Costolo

    Dick Costolo

    CEO, Twitter

    Moscot: “The frame doesn’t overpower his face because it goes to a lighter color as it descends. We call that a color fade.”
    Blumenthal: “These scream nouveau tech to me.”
    Leight: “He’s got the right kind of frame, wrong kind of shape. He has a small head. I would have a softer look for him. Not a Harry Potter frame, but a round plastic one. Just something a little deeper, not so shallow.”

    Photograph by Tomohiro Oshumi/Bloomberg
  3. Indra Nooyi

    Indra Nooyi

    CEO and Chairman, PepsiCo (PEP)

    Blumenthal: “These fit her great. I think a lot of people wearing rimless frames don’t want their glasses to be a core part of their character.”
    Goreski: “It gives her a friendly, approachable disposition.”
    Moscot: “She has high cheekbones and a narrow bridge, so she definitely would do better with a frame with nose pads.”

    Photograph by B Mathur/Reuters
  4. Jay-Z


    Former CEO, Def Jam Recordings

    Moscot: “His black plastic frame is classic, timeless, and simple in design but speaks loudly and contributes greatly to his persona. It exudes confidence and intellect, and his eyes are centered well in the frame. ‘He’s got 99 problems, but his frame ain’t one!’”
    Blumenthal: “Any form of eyewear that gets the Beyoncé Knowles stamp of approval also gets mine.”
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  5. Lynn Elsenhans

    Lynn Elsenhans

    Former CEO and President, Sunoco (SUN)

    Moscot: “This frame works well on her face—she has high cheekbones. It’s well-fitted and offsets her somewhat conservative demeanor.”
    Leight: “If the brow line was to flow a little bit more with her eyebrow line, it would open her eyes up and look more flattering cosmetically.”
    Blumenthal: “To me, her glasses scream powerful and thoughtful. I think they’re more, I would say, president of a university.”

    Photograph by Larry Downing/Reuters
  6. Eric Schmidt

    Eric Schmidt

    Chairman, Google (GOOG)

    Moscot: “The aesthetic is very bare-bones. It’s just like the Google search engine: The technology is amazing, but the aesthetic is just bare-bones.”
    Blumenthal: “Schmidt gets bonus points for adding a dash of playfulness with these graphic and circular frames.”
    Leight: “An alternative would be more tailored. He’d look a little younger, I’m sure. I’d like to see him in a plastic frame.”

    Photograph by Mark Lennihan/AP Photo
  7. Warren Buffett

    Warren Buffett

    CEO, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK/A)

    Goreski: “I don’t know if he can do any wrong. I would wear these. I like the color. The thickness of the frame is good. They’re pronounced.”
    Leight: “His glasses are so identifiable as him. If you did a cartoon of him, this is what you would draw. I think it’s a good choice for him, but they seem to fall down on his nose all the time.”
    Blumenthal: “They have value and investment written all over them.”

    Photograph by Ron Sachs/Corbis
  8. Tim Cook

    Tim Cook

    CEO, Apple (AAPL)

    Leight: “I would put him in a plastic frame to give him that nice, warm, handsome look. He’s got a good fit. You can tell he took the time to pick his glasses, I can tell you that.”
    Moscot: “It’s progressive in its shaping and styling without being too much, so it reminds me of Apple products in a certain way.”
    Goreski: “I like the way they sit under his eyebrows. They’re just the right amount of fashion and function.”

    Photograph by Paul Sakuma/AP Images