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Silicon Valley’s 10 Most Stylish Men (Even Zuck)

  1. Valley Vogue

    Valley Vogue

    The New York Times recently recognized Silicon Valley’s best-dressed women, while GQ gave 15 execs the dubious honor of being designated the area's worst-dressed men. Bloomberg Businessweek chimes in with a look at some of the valley’s most-stylish men—techies who have defied the industry's bland informality. (Except Mark Zuckerberg, who's made an art of it.) This is a longer list than we expected.

    Photograph by Michael Turek/Gallery Stock
  2. Jack Dorsey

    Jack Dorsey

    The 35-year-old creator of Twitter and mobile-payments company Square was voted one of GQ’s most stylish men this year. That's GQ Australia, but still!

  3. Sean Parker

    Sean Parker

    The flamboyant Napster co-founder and early Facebook (FB) investor favors Tom Ford suits and Dior jeans.

    Photograph by Chris Pizzello/AP Photo
  4. Vint Cerf

    Vint Cerf

    "The three-piece suit has become sort of my trademark,” Google’s (GOOG) vice president and chief Internet evangelist told Esquire. “It has several benefits: You may be overdressed on some occasions, but you can manage to fit into a huge range of circumstances.”

    Photograph by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images
  5. Aaron Levie

    Aaron Levie

    Box's co-founder has developed his own signature style—bright tennis shoes, sport coat, jeans—but it's the electrical-socket 'fro that gets all the attention.

    Photograph by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
  6. Larry Ellison

    Larry Ellison

    Oracle’s (ORCL) bearded chief executive officer rocks not only Armani suits, but also the cashmere turtleneck and sport jacket look known as "Country Club Steve Jobs."

    Photograph by Tony Avelar/Bloomberg
  7. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk

    The real-life Tony Stark—CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors (TSLA) and co-founder of PayPal (EBAY)—owns the open-shirt-collar-plus-sport-jacket look. He owes his wardrobe in part to personal shopper Martin Kedzior, although reps say Kedzior works more to save time than to save Musk from fashion disaster.

    Photograph by Paul Sakuma/AP Images
  8. Jonathan Ive

    Jonathan Ive

    What Apple's (AAPL) T-shirt-loving design chief lacks in sartorial flash—this is, after all, the house that Steve Jobs built—he makes up for with a well-sculpted physique and with perfectly manicured, grizzled stubble that looks as if it could have been designed by Apple.

    Photograph by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg
  9. Jeremy Stoppelman

    Jeremy Stoppelman

    As co-founder and CEO of Yelp (YELP), Stoppelman cuts a dapper figure in tie-less suits, but his trademark curls do most of the work.

    Photograph by David Paul Morris/Bloomberg
  10. Matt Mullenweg

    Matt Mullenweg

    Once clean-cut and barefaced, the founding developer of WordPress now looks like a cross between Jesus Christ and Kris Kristofferson. One blogger commented that at the 2008 Crunchies, an awards ceremony for internet startups, Mullenweg "at least, wore a tie" and said that "compared to the other winners, Matt was Jude Law."

    Photograph by Kevin Abosch
  11. Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg

    However informal, Zuck's gray T-shirt and hoodie-and-jeans combo is iconic, and he's stuck to it with Lagerfeldian persistence. Zuckerberg did clean up nicely for his wedding in May and for the G8 Summit in 2011. (Here are other occasions on which he deigned to wear a jacket.)

    Photograph by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images