Fred Davis's Campaign Credentials

  1. Ad Master

    Ad Master

    Republican media strategist Fred Davis has made some of the most attention-grabbing political ads ever aired on television. He is chief executive officer of Strategic Perception Inc. (SPI).

  2. McCain Campaign

    McCain Campaign

    Davis served as the lead media strategist for John McCain’s 2008 presidential race, and as creative director for the Republican National Convention that year.

  3. Hollywood Fred

    Hollywood Fred

    A Christmas gift from SPI employees to Davis. “Hollywood” is the nickname given to him by former Vice President Dan Quayle.

  4. W Poster

    W Poster

    A gift from President Bush after his 2004 victory. Davis was one of the media strategists for the campaign.

    Photograph by David Black for Bloomberg Businessweek
  5. SPI Awards

    SPI Awards

    The company has received hundreds of awards for creativity and effectiveness, for both political and corporate work.

  6. Taxidermy Collection

    Taxidermy Collection

    Davis doesn’t hunt. Starting with one purchased moose head decades ago, his collection has grown mostly due to gifts. A newcomer is the unique two-headed calf, once famous at Nebraska carnival sideshows.

  7. Velvet Painting

    Velvet Painting

    A velvet portrait of Davis, given to him by SPI’s Associate Creative Director Beth Donica.