Photograph by Dean Isidro

Best Summer Sunglasses

  1. Summer Chic

    Summer Chic

    With the sun shining and the weather really starting to heat up, it's time to grab some new summer sunglasses. You can go for a conservative retro-chic look or something totally wild and colorful. It's summer, you've got a little more freedom than usual. Embrace it.

    Yet we're here to help. Bloomberg Businessweek selects the right pair for every profession.

    Photograph by Dean Isidro
  2. The Social Media Expert

    The Social Media Expert

    Eternally cool, wayfarers are the blue jeans of sunglasses. Toms’s variation, the Bamako, is ideal for a casual work environment. $129;

  3. The Ad Exec

    The Ad Exec

    Equal parts Robert McNamara and beatnik, the Lookmatic Ricky fits anyone with a business card bearing the word “creative.” $65;

  4. The PR Queen

    The PR Queen

    Suited to a strong personality, Gant by Michael Bastian’s bright Jan frames double as a blast shield against red-carpet flashbulbs. $200;

  5. The CEO

    The CEO

    The 3019 from Persol—the preferred eyewear of Steve McQueen, the original Thomas Crown—is for the man who strives mightily to make it look easy. $360;

  6. The Fashion Editor

    The Fashion Editor

    Seemingly delicate—but constitutionally rock-solid—the Chanel Carbon Fiber frames are built to survive the front row. $640;

  7. The Architect

    The Architect

    With a touch of Bauhaus minimalism, the Paul Smith Foxley features a single piece of perforated metal and cleanly hung panes of glass. $350;

  8. The Nonprofit Worker

    The Nonprofit Worker

    These earth-tone David Yurman Thoroughbreds project unflashy style and diligence. $295;