The MBA Life: Northwestern

  1. Introduction


    Chris Mozzocchi (right) is a Kellogg MMM '12. Prior to Kellogg, he spent four years with Capital One and then joined a startup. At Kellogg, Chris has been actively involved in the entrepreneurship club, pursuing photography, and working on launching a startup. On graduation, Chris will work in McKinsey's Chicago office.

    Sigmund Gee (left) is also a Kellogg MMM '12. Sig grew up in the world of
    startups. Prior to Kellogg, he worked for Gap Inc. He is the the MMM class
    president and treasurer for Kellogg Eatz, the school's culinary appreciation
    club. After Kellogg, he hopes to return to the world of startups.

  2. Off-Campus Living

    Off-Campus Living

    Chris lives in the Optima Views residences, which are centrally located in downtown Evanston. It is a 10-minute walk to Kellogg, Whole Foods, and many local restaurants.

  3. Sig's Apartment

    Sig's Apartment

    Sig lives in a vintage apartment on the other side of downtown Evanston, also a quick 10 min walk from campus. His living room doubles as his office most of the week.

  4. The Jake

    The Jake

    The Jacobs building—colloquially "the Jake"—is the home of Kellogg classrooms (and students, most of the day). From morning to evening, the building is abuzz with students attending classes, studying, working with project teams, dining, and occasionally catching a nap between commitments.

  5. Tipping Points

    Tipping Points

    Professor P.J. Lamberson, a senior research associate at the Northwestern Institute of Complex Systems (NICO), teaches a course on Tipping Points and how messages spread virally through social networks. Learning at Kellogg begins in the classroom …

  6. Group Work

    Group Work

    … and continues in group work. Most Kellogg courses have homework that is completed in groups. Here, a group of Kellogg students work on a homework assignment in a study room on the second floor of Jacobs.

  7. TG


    Academics are only one facet of a Kellogg student’s life. Here, students gather for TG—Kellogg’s weekly social held in the Jacobs building’s atrium. Each week, a different student organization hosts TG and establishes a theme, complete with music, food, and drinks.

  8. Camaraderie


    A big part of the Kellogg experience is camaraderie. Here, members of the Black Management Association take the time to unwind at TG after a busy week.

  9. Kellogg Kids Club

    Kellogg Kids Club

    TGs are also a great way to introduce your family to the Kellogg community. Here, Avinash brings his children to TG, where the Kellogg Kids Club shows movies and hosts a pizza party for the families.

  10. DAK Weekend

    DAK Weekend

    During Day at Kellogg weekend (DAK), student leaders showcase the best that Kellogg has to offer. DAK is just one way students lead at Kellogg. Students can get involved in a number of opportunities, ranging from Kellogg Cork and Screw, the wine appreciation club, to the Kellogg Innovation Network, a group dedicated to continued collaboration among faculty, students, corporate innovation leaders, nonprofits, and government to address meaningful global issues.

  11. Community Spirit

    Community Spirit

    Kellogg’s community spirit is also fostered though extracurricular activities. Kellogg does not hold class on Wednesdays, so every week, different sections compete in intramural sporting events. Kellogg’s sections are the cohorts that you join on day one, and they have names such as Big Dogs, Poets, and Moose, which were nods to backgrounds that the students came from. (Liberal arts majors became Poets). Today, however, students are randomly assigned to sections. Here, Peter and the Big Dogs face off against the Bullfrogs in a spring softball game.
  12. Lake Michigan

    Lake Michigan

    When the weather is nice, Kellogg students can spend time on the beaches of Lake Michigan, a 5-minute walk from Jacobs and the Northwestern University campus.

  13. The Long Winter

    The Long Winter

    When the weather is not so nice, Kellogg students make the most of it. Here, Harpreet takes aim during an organized snowball fight.

  14. More than Business

    More than Business

    Outside the classroom, Kellogg MBAs have a chance to show off their other talents. On the left is Brian, a Kellogg PhD candidate by day and lead guitarist by night. On the left side of the photo, on the right, Kellogg MBA Alfredo and his wingman take the stage.

  15. To Chicago

    To Chicago

    Although the campus is in Evanston, Kellogg students regularly visit Chicago. Here, Keith, Adrienne, and Pete pose for a photo after a Wednesday afternoon group trip to watch a Cubs game.