Photograph by Diego Uchitel

Sex and the Workplace

  1. The Corner Office

    The Corner Office

    The CEO isn't the one in the office with the best sex life, evidence shows. It's the hardworking rank and file who are the most active in the bedroom. The boss is usually too busy or too stressed. (Age, however, is not a factor.)

    Photograph by Diego Uchitel
  2. The Device

    The Device

    Of more than 2,000 workers surveyed, 51 had been busted cheating. Of those, 47 were caught by their spouses through texts or cell phone bills. (The majority of illicit communication occurs during the workday.)

    Photograph by Adrianna Williams/Getty Images
  3. The HR Dept.

    The HR Dept.

    Last year, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there were 11,364 workplace sexual harassment lawsuits filed in the U.S. Total settlements amounted to $52.3 million. More than 17 percent of the lawsuits were filed by male workers.

    Photograph: Corbis
  4. The Desktop

    The Desktop

    Your officemates are into smut. Really. Half of the respondents have watched porn at work, though the majority view it on cell phones or iPads rather than on the company computer.

    Photograph by Tim Tadder
  5. The Stalls

    The Stalls

    Yes, self-loving does happen here—and frequently. Twenty-five percent of working professionals surveyed said they indulge here at least once a week. This is also a frequent location for midday sexting.

    Photograph by Jetta Productions
  6. The Water Cooler

    The Water Cooler

    Worried your office affair will soon become public knowledge? Don't sweat it too much. A mere 10 percent of research participants were aware of office affairs, even among their closest friends.

    Photograph: Corbis
  7. The Cubicle

    The Cubicle

    Thanks to open office spaces, breakups are unpleasant for everyone. Don't expect much productivity from a lovesick co-worker. The brain chemistry of heartbreak resembles obsessive-compulsive disorder and addiction.

    Photograph: Corbis
  8. The Reception Desk

    The Reception Desk

    One receptionist (not pictured) described her job as a "human security blanket." Receptionists know who's stepping out on his or her spouse, who's depressed, and who's about to get the ax. They're also much more judgmental about it than they let on.

    Photograph by Hufton + Crow/View
  9. The Exit

    The Exit

    Men who travel for work are more likely than their female counterparts to cheat or hire prostitutes while on the road. It's a consistent group: Only 1 in 4 cheat in their lifetime, but they're likely to do it repeatedly.

    Photograph by Beau Lark
  10. The Fire Door

    The Fire Door

    Respondents in the first six months of a relationship admitted to lying to their employers about appointments, instead sneaking off for a midday rendezvous, or to get dressed before a date. Married workers were more truthful to employers.

    Photograph by Tomasz Pietryszek
  11. The Storage Room

    The Storage Room

    Actual sex at the office? It's less and less common. Blame open floor plans, glass walls, and omnipresent security cameras, which are inhospitable to sex. The exception: those working very late hours.

    Photograph by Bernard van Berg