Photograph by Crook Publicity/AP Photo

Titanic II and Other Epic Chinese Knockoffs

  1. Titanic


    Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer plans to build a 21st century replica of the Titanic to sail by the end of 2016. Who better to build it than Nanjing-based CSC Jinling Shipyard, which will also make a fleet of luxury liners for Palmer? China has staked its position as the world's master of mimicry, and the results have come a long way from logos. Here are some of the country's larger copies.

    Photograph by Crook Publicity/AP Photo
  2. Disneyland


    About 45 minutes outside Beijing, construction of a Disney World (DIS)-style amusement park, Wonderland, was halted in 1998, reported the Washington Post. It remains unfinished.

    Photograph by David Gray/Landov
  3. British Town

    British Town

    Thames Town, located outside of Shanghai, opened in 2006. It features a main square, red telephone booths, a man-made Thames river, and its very own High Street, reported CNN. Thames Town is mostly used as a setting for wedding photos.

    Photograph by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images
  4. New York

    New York

    The Manhattan-inspired Yujiapu financial district in Tianjin is still under construction. It will feature versions of Rockefeller and Lincoln centers, reported Bloomberg News.

    Photograph by Sim Chi Yin/Bloomberg
  5. Eiffel Tower

    Eiffel Tower

    The gated community of Tianducheng near the city of Hangzhou has its own Bassin de Latone (the fountain in front of the palace of Versailles), Arc de Triomphe, and a 108-meter-tall Eiffel Tower replica, reported Reuters.

    Photograph by Landov
  6. Château Maisons-Laffitte

    Château Maisons-Laffitte

    Real estate developer Zhang Yuchen constructed a replica of Château Maisons-Laffitte in Beijing’s suburbs, using historic blueprints, 10,000 photographs, and white Chantilly stone, reported the New York Times. The replica is inexact, however, as Zhang made some additions to the château.

    Photograph by David Gray/Landov
  7. Apple Stores

    Apple Stores

    Fake Apple stores (AAPL) were spotted last summer in Kunming, Yunnan province, with details copied all the way down to Apple's signature winding staircase. Unfortunately, one store sign read "Apple Stoer," shows a photo from the BirdAbroad blog.

    Photograph by ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images
  8. Ikea


    China's 11 Furniture uses a blue-and-yellow motif and showroom layout that are almost indistinguishable from Ikea's.

    Photograph by Jason Lee/Landov