Photograph by Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Eau de MacBook Pro and Other Uncanny Fragrances

  1. Eau de MacBook Pro

    Eau de MacBook Pro

    Australian scent specialist Air Aroma has replicated the smell of a fresh-out-of-the-box Apple (AAPL) MacBook Pro for three Melbourne-based artists, who will diffuse the fragrance at their exhibit running from April 20 to May 12. Researchers unwrapped the box in a lab to capture and recreate the scent, which has hints of plastic wrap, ink on cardboard, paper and plastic components, and the aluminum laptop. “I think what was so unique was the request of recreating the smell of technology. The desire to recreate the experience was very important to them, of opening up a new present," says Rebecca Ebbecke, chief operating officer of Air Aroma USA.

    Photograph by Jason Alden/Bloomberg
  2. Money


    Patrick McCarthy, a vice president for sales at Microsoft (MSFT), worked with fragrance expert Larry Murrison to create Money, a $42.50 cologne that smells like dollar bills and is packaged in shredded greenbacks. It launched in 2011 and comes in both "his" and "her" versions.

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  3. Clean Windows

    Clean Windows

    Here's how New York-based Demeter Fragrance Library describes Clean Windows, which is available as a cologne spray, roll-on perfume oil, bath and shower gel, and body lotion: "You know how it smells when right after you have finished cleaning glass, and it is squeaky clean? Well, it's like that moment captured in a bottle."

    Photograph by Chris Jelley/Gallery Stock
  4. Gasoline


    Gasoline, a fragrance oil for perfume and body oil made by Brooklyn-based Save On Scents, comes in Low Octane and High Octane. One reviewer wrote of Low Octane: "It did smell like a cleaner version of the local gas stations. It was dead on."

    Photograph by Terry Williams/Getty Images
  5. Motor Oil

    Motor Oil

    For those who crave the smell of an auto shop, Save On Scents also makes Motor Oil, which captures the "thick, viscous scent of engine oil," according to the description, which warns: "This oil is not for actual engine use."

    Photograph by Dennis Manarchy/Gallery Stock
  6. Vinyl


    "Think of the smell of those car seats from [the] 1970s, or a sort of PVC jacket from the same era," states the description by Demeter Fragrance Library.

    Photograph by Everett Collection
  7. New Car Air Freshener

    New Car Air Freshener

    Chemical Guys, an online carwash chemicals and auto detailing supplies store, offers New Car air freshener, which emulates the scent of a new car without the carcinogenic chemicals. The company recommends one or two sprays under the accelerator every time a driver gets maintenance on a vehicle.
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  8. Leather Scent

    Leather Scent

    Leather Scent, also by Chemical Guys, can be sprayed on carpets, in vents, and under the dash and seats. And it's not just for cars—it's also recommended for boats, schools, hotels, restaurants, carpets, upholstery, motels, and strip clubs. (Yes, that's right.)
    Photograph by Matthew Sandager /Gallery Stock
  9. Play-Doh


    Demeter Fragrance Library created a scent that brings back happy childhood memories, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hasbro's (HAS) Play-Doh.

    Photograph by Jin Lee/Bloomberg