Photograph by Ron Jaffe/AMC

The 'Mad Men' Marketplace

  1. The Many Spin-Offs of 'Mad Men'

    The Many Spin-Offs of 'Mad Men'

    AMC's (AMCX) drama about New York's advertising industry in the 1960s has an obsessive fan base, eager to reclaim some of that era's glamor (and presumably, none of its regressive social norms). From walking tours to fashion to toys, here are some official and unofficial Mad Men spin-offs.

    Photograph by Ron Jaffe/AMC
  2. 'Mad Men' Bride

    'Mad Men' Bride

    There might not be a worse model for marriage than that offered by Mad Men, but '60s glamor can cloud a bride’s view of the show’s catastrophic unions. David Tutera, wedding planner and host of We tv’s (AMCX) My Fair Wedding, offers Mad Men-inspired nuptials.

    Photograph Courtesy WE tv
  3. 'Mad Men' Cocktails Experience Tour of NYC

    'Mad Men' Cocktails Experience Tour of NYC

    On this tour, you can walk down Madison Avenue, visit some New York landmarks, and visit at least three bars featured on the show, all for $150 per person. The package's greatest inaccuracy: It includes but one drink at each stop.

    Photograph by Barry Winiker
  4. 'Mad Men' Tour of … Pittsburgh?

    'Mad Men' Tour of … Pittsburgh?

    An article in e-magazine POP City suggests a city tour based on an alternate universe where Mad Men is set in Pittsburgh. That's one way to suck the soul out of the show—Don Draper would more likely work in the steel business than advertising. The circuit includes stops at the Fairmont Hotel, Braddock’s Bar, and the Capital Grille.

    Photograph by Brian Cohen
  5. Jaeger-LeCoultre 'Mad Men' Watch

    Jaeger-LeCoultre 'Mad Men' Watch

    In February 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre (CFR:VX) released a Mad Men edition of its Reverso watch, featuring the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce logo. Only 25 were made and they have already sold out, at $8,450 apiece. The timepiece comes in a walnut box with the SCDP logo, a letter from fictional partner Roger Sterling, and a copy of his autobiography, Sterling’s Gold, autographed by flesh-and-blood Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

    Photograph by Michael Kovac/WireImage
  6. Maidenform 'Mad Men'-Inspired Lingerie

    Maidenform 'Mad Men'-Inspired Lingerie

    Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant became Maidenform’s wardrobe adviser and helped craft a Mad Men-inspired lingerie line… because women love to wear girdles.
    Courtesy Maidenform
  7. AMC’s 'The Pitch'

    AMC’s 'The Pitch'

    AMC’s new ad agency competition—kind of like Mad Men meets reality TVpremieres on April 30. AMC tells Bloomberg Businessweek that the show was not born out of Mad Men at all. Um, really?
    Photograph by David M. Russell/AMC
  8. 'Mad Men'-Themed 'Newsweek'

    'Mad Men'-Themed 'Newsweek'

    Timed to the show’s season premiere last month, Newsweek published a 1960s-style magazine, including retro ads. “The content of this issue is new, and about today, but there are echoes aplenty from the past, all uncannily like the present,” writes Editor in Chief, Tina Brown.

  9. Fine Brothers’s 'Mad Men' Game on YouTube

    Fine Brothers’s 'Mad Men' Game on YouTube

    This YouTube (GOOG) game, a choose-your-own-adventure for Don Draper developed by filmmakers Benny and Rafi Fine, incorporates details from the show’s plot and makes jokes about ad execs’ drinking habits.

    Courtesy The Fine Bros
  10. The Unofficial 'Mad Men' Cookbook

    The Unofficial 'Mad Men' Cookbook

    The '60s encouraged showy, complicated food that mixed French influence, suburban spousal devotion, vegetarian curiosity, and ethnic cuisine, according to Thankfully for the cooking-challenged, The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook also provides a bunch of cocktail recipes.

  11. Banana Republic 'Mad Men' Collection

    Banana Republic 'Mad Men' Collection

    Banana Republic’s (GPS) spring Mad Men collection that launched in March features a cap-sleeve dress, cardigans, lace shell blouses, and coral-cropped capris for women. The men’s line includes navy blazers, argyle vests, and bright polos, and may leave buyers wondering why they still don't look like Jon Hamm.

    Courtesy Banana Republic
  12. Estée Lauder 'Mad Men' Collection

    Estée Lauder 'Mad Men' Collection

    On March 18, cosmetics maker Estée Lauder (EL) launched a limited edition Mad Men collection that features a red lipstick and rouge. As Don Draper says to his Belle Jolie lipstick clients: "Every woman wants choices, but in the end, none wants to be one in a box of a hundred. You are giving every girl who wears your lipstick the gift of total ownership."

    Courtesy Estee Lauder
  13. Mattel’s 'Mad Men' Barbie Dolls

    Mattel’s 'Mad Men' Barbie Dolls

    In July 2010, Mattel (MAT) launched a Mad Men Barbie doll line featuring Don Draper, Betty Draper, Roger Sterling, and Joan Holloway, with a suggested retail price of $75 each. Alas, the dolls come without cigarettes, ashtrays, martini glasses, and cocktail shakers, reported the New York Times.

    Courtesy Mattel