Wedding the Secretary: Real 'Mad Men' Marriages

  1. Office Romance

    Office Romance

    “He's smiling like a fool, like he's the first man who ever married his secretary,” Joan Harris says after Don Draper announced being engaged to his young secretary on Mad Men. Draper certainly wasn't alone. From Kenneth Lay to Joseph McCarthy, here are a few real-life bosses who weren’t just pushing papers in the office.

  2. Kenneth Lay

    Kenneth Lay

    Kenneth Lay, Enron's disgraced CEO, was married with two children when he met Linda Phillips, his secretary at Florida Gas. He divorced his wife and on July 10, 1982, married Phillips. They had three children together.
  3. Kim Jong Il

    Kim Jong Il

    In 2006, North Korea’s Dear Leader married his personal secretary, Kim Ok, who was more than 20 years his junior, reported the Financial Times. This was his fourth marriage. He had previously been married to a woman chosen by his father, then to a woman who The Guardian reports is believed to be Kim Jong-un's mother, and then to a dancer.

  4. Phil Condit

    Phil Condit

    Boeing CEO Phil Condit’s second marriage, which ended in 1990, was to a Boeing secretary. He then started a relationship with a Boeing receptionist, Laverne Hawthorne, reported Businessweek.

  5. William Blaine Richardson, Jr.

    William Blaine Richardson, Jr.

    Richardson, a Citibank executive in Mexico City and the father of former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (in photo), married his secretary Maria Luisa Lopez-Collada Marquez.

  6. Joseph McCarthy

    Joseph McCarthy

    Wisconsin's anti-Communist senator married his secretary, Jean Kerr, on Sept. 23, 1953. Some speculated that he did so to quell rumors that he was gay, Curt Gentry wrote in J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets.

  7. Robert Mugabe

    Robert Mugabe

    Zimbabwe's president had a church wedding with his former secretary, Grace Marufu, in 1996. The two were already married under African traditional law, which allowed Mugabe to take her as a junior wife while his first wife, Sally Mugabe, was alive, reported The Independent.

  8. Curt Johnson

    Curt Johnson

    Diversey Chairman and S. C. Johnson heir Curt Johnson (who is now awaiting trial after being charged with child sex assault) wed his former secretary in his second marriage, according to Forbes.