Here's Where You Can Stick Your iPad

  1. Retro TV

    Retro TV

    The iPad 3 isn't so much revolution as an upgrade. So if you're going to shell out $499-$829 for a new iPad, here are some of the stands that will help you make the most of your new, well, at least improved, iPad.

    Give your iPad a bit of retro-chic with this natural wood retro television carving: The TV iPad Dock hand-crafted by Scott Weddle and available for $60 (plus shipping) on Etsy showcases the iPad 3's new Retina display. Perfect for streaming full episodes of Leave it to Beaver on Hulu.

  2. iVictrola for iPad

    iVictrola for iPad

    The iVictrola by furniture designer Matt Richmond was available for a limited time through Design Within Reach. If you weren't one of the lucky ones to snag an original from Design Within Reach, try the SoundJaw , a concave piece of plastic that clips onto the bottom of your iPad to naturally amplify the sound.

  3. Waterproof Sleeve

    Waterproof Sleeve

    From the gadget-oriented brains of designers at Brookstone, comes the PVC-free waterproof iPad sleeve. This comes in handy when sailing, sunbathing and teaching toddlers to play Angry Birds.

  4. Atari Returns

    Atari Returns

    Yes, you do miss Atari games. No worries: There's a $60 Atari Arcade that will dock your iPad and offer free downloads of some of gaming's Golden Oldies: Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command. The new iPad has a faster processor. 83,934% faster than the original Atari system. Play Pong faster than ever before on this useful device from Skymall.

  5. Steering Wheel Table

    Steering Wheel Table

    As the creator of this iPad stand explains, "I saw a need and God gave me the idea." Note: Do not drive while using face time.

  6. Kids Play

    Kids Play

    California-based designer Jennifer Cohen explains that "there is a need for the U.S. furniture industry to catch up with today's ubiquitous use of interactive devices. Computer desks are the current solution, but they are basically storage units for a PC tower and monitor. However they do not address needs like a group of kids playing a video game together, or viewing media on a tablet computer."

  7. Chic Wood

    Chic Wood

    BKNYdesign's owner and principal designer Paula Anne Patterson says this idea started as a birthday gift for her boyfriend. After she made her first one for him, she initiated a Kickstarter campaign and raised close to $6000 to start her workshop for further production. Her favorite app is Clockstagram, which draws photos of the time through the popular social media app Instagram.
  8. Minimalist Wood

    Minimalist Wood

    Two pieces of wood plus gravity: this ultra-simple iPad stand uses magnets and wood to hold the ipad at any angle. At only $27 (plus shipping), and pocket-sized proportions (1"x2.5" and 3/16" thick), this stand is great for travel.

  9. Musicians Rejoice

    Musicians Rejoice

    The iPad 3 can record HD video of you singing karaoke. Pick up the iKlip for your mic stand and disable your YouTube account immediately.