Photograph by MakerBot Industries

Why Your Office Needs a MakerBot Printer

  1. Things to Make With a 3D Printer

    Things to Make With a 3D Printer

    Don't assume 3D printers are just for nerds who want to make customized chess pieces and spare parts for their model spaceships. Entire pieces of furniture, customized prosthetic limbs, and jewelry have come out of 3D printers. Office workers might also appreciate the following possible uses for a basic 3D printer, like the new MakerBot Replicator, which starts at $1,749. And not just for paper clips.

    Photos courtesy of Thingiverse

    Photograph by MakerBot Industries
  2. Employee of the Month Bust

    Employee of the Month Bust

    What a disgrace to honor your best employee with a generic trophy when you can print a bust in his or her image.

    Photograph by David Neff
  3. iPad Stand

    iPad Stand

    Print a stand and free up your hands without running up a bill at the Apple Store.

    Photograph by Dizingof
  4. Keys to Company Schwag Closet

    Keys to Company Schwag Closet

    Make a copy. Discreetly stock up on awesome giveaways your employer saves for clients and events.

    Photograph by NRP
  5. Gargoyle Paperweight

    Gargoyle Paperweight

    The next best thing if real pets are prohibited at your office.

    Photograph by fong182
  6. Coffee Mug

    Coffee Mug

    Print a mug and keep disposable cups out of landfills. Tree huggers can also print with degradable plastic. Resist the urge to use it straight off the printer, though—there are extra steps to make the plastic food-safe.

    Photograph by aubenc
  7. Cuff Links

    Cuff Links

    Design your own cuff links; never have to step into a Jos. A. Bank again.

    TeamTeam USA
  8. Spare Tie

    Spare Tie

    A handy accessory when the boss unexpectedly returns early from his business trip.

    Photograph by Nudel_p
  9. 3D Business Card

    3D Business Card

    How jealous would American Psycho's Patrick Bateman be of this business card?

    Photograph by wulfdesign
  10. Stock Market Night Light Shade

    Stock Market Night Light Shade

    To subliminally motivate investors toiling in the office late at night.

    Photograph by Zydac