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Google Global

  1. Mountain View

    Mountain View

    High-tech companies are required to have cool offices. It’s a law. Or, in the case of Silicon Valley companies, perhaps more accurately described as a perversion of Moore’s Law, whereby the number of “awesome” offices a meteoric company can have doubles approximately every two years. Google even has a cool algorithmic-sounding name for its headquarters in Mountain View, California—The Googleplex.

    The campus has all the requisite goodies every tech employee needs: a gym with swimming pools (please note the plural), a replica of a dinosaur skeleton (a real one, skeleton that is, would be too ostentatious, don’t you think), multiple cafeterias with free food (so what, every tech company has them), and solar panels (after all, they do consume a lot of power). Enjoy the following world tour of Google’s “awesome,” “outrageous,” “cool” offices.

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  2. Dublin


    The Montevetro building, right, will house Google's new European headquarters in Dubin. No word on whether employees get their own boat slip.

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  3. Los Angeles

    Los Angeles

    The perfect metaphor: The search giant is setting up shop in the Binoculars Building, designed by famed architect Frank Gehry in the Venice section of Los Angeles.

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  4. Taipei


    The Taipei office was compared to a kindergarten classroom by the China Post, citing its Nintendo and Disney themed decorations. The adult nap room above.

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  5. Sydney


    The Sydney office boasts a number of themes including offices with picnic benches, fish tanks, local flora, the beach-themed "Cafe' Esky," a sports-themed mini kitchen, and a game room named "The Rissole."

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  6. Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv

    ברוכים הבאים לפורום תל אביב

    (Courtesy of Google Translate)

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  7. Beijing


    The Beijing office is in a 10-floor building located in Tsinghua Science Park, near the south gate of Tsinghua University.

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  8. Saint Petersburg

    Saint Petersburg

    Comrades in this Russian office can enjoy views of Saint Petersburg from lounge chairs or while relaxing in a dedicated hammock room.

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  9. San Francisco

    San Francisco

    At the downtown San Francisco office, employees can bring their pet alligator, giraffe, or tiger to work--stuffed, or inflated.

    Erin Siegal/REUTERS
  10. Cambridge


    If Google's Cambridge digs look like a toy store, that's because the offices are decorated with colorful foam from an out-of-business toy store.

    Yoon S. Byun/The Boston Globe/Getty Images
  11. Paris


    Located in the heart of the City of Light, Google Paris employees enjoy free Camembert and logo-emblazoned shopping bags. 

  12. Ann Arbor

    Ann Arbor

    Google benefits from the technology focused university grads in Ann Arbor, MI. Google's AdWords program is based here.

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  13. London


    Google's refurbished London office includes a music room for jamming sessions, a row boat for the one-on-one intimacy (sorry, no water), and a Routemaster double-decker bus as a conference room. (In case employees wish they had a longer commute.) The Telegraph asked: "Google's London office: inspirational or waste of money?" You Decide.

    Alex Lentati/Evening Standard/ZUMA Press
  14. New York City

    New York City

    Google set up shop New York City's historic Chelsea Market in 2008. Chelsea Market was originally the home of the National Biscuit Company (later Nabisco) and birthplace of the Oreo cookie.
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  15. Santa Monica

    Santa Monica

    In Santa Monica, California, employees surf more than just the web.
    Lucy Nicholson/REUTERS
  16. Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

    The offices in Hong Kong are located in the city's Times Square. How many Googles can you find in this picture?

    Jonathan Sin/Flickr