The Return of the Third Shift

  1. Order Up

    Order Up

    Arlene Oswald, a cook at Ross’ Eatery & Pub, works late to feed third-shift employees near Lordstown, Ohio.

    Photographs by: Daniel Shea for Bloomberg Businessweek

  2. Late-Night Pit Stop

    Late-Night Pit Stop

    Mike Rhodes, a work-family representative at GM’s auto manufacturing complex in Lordstown, Ohio, stops at the gas station before his third shift.
  3. Anatomy of a Compact

    Anatomy of a Compact

    Inside the Chevy Cruze factory, Lordstown, Ohio.
  4. Waiting for Quiet Time

    Waiting for Quiet Time

    Aaron Bohr’s family runs the Barrel of Monkeys child-care center, where workers’ kids can stay overnight.

  5. Sleepover


    Barrel of Monkeys child-care center, where workers’ kids can stay overnight.

  6. Down the Line

    Down the Line

    Floyd Bradley Jr., a hood-and-door fitter at the GM plant, inspects sedans rolling off the line during the wee hours.

  7. Now Inspecting

    Now Inspecting

    Third-shifter Teresa Thomas checks car underbellies at GM’s Lordstown complex.

  8. Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder Pain

    Venus Walker says working the third shift allows her to attend her children’s school functions.

  9. Quittin’ Time

    Quittin’ Time

    The end of the third shift, in the parking lot of the Chevy Cruze factory in Lordstown, Ohio.

  10. The Rooster Crows

    The Rooster Crows

    Bobbi Marsh’s neighborhood in the early morning, close to the GM plant.

  11. After-Work Car Pool

    After-Work Car Pool

    Bobbi Marsh took her son to school—after getting off work.

  12. Happy Hour

    Happy Hour

    This eatery is open until 1 a.m. to serve shift workers. It opens again early in the morning to feed workers returning home from their shifts.