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It Might Get Loud

  1. Sportscaster Style

    Sportscaster Style

    Can anyone—stylists, producers, metrosexual jocks—teach sports anchors to dress?
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  2. Walt Frazier

    Walt Frazier

    Known as “Clyde” during his playing days, Frazier is not above dressing like Tweety Bird.
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  3. Don Cherry

    Don Cherry

    The Hockey Night host has almost single-handedly destroyed Canadian fashion.
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  4. Kevin Weekes

    Kevin Weekes

    The pocket-square enthusiast has been ribbed for the size of his traveling wardrobe and his choice in handkerchief styles.

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  5. Chris Berman

    Chris Berman

    Perhaps no man on earth has more Father’s Day ties.
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  6. Craig Sager

    Craig Sager

    For four decades, Sager has consistently been one of the worst-dressed members of the human race.
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  7. Barry Melrose

    Barry Melrose

    The horribly dressed ESPN hockey broadcaster is not above matching his suit to his sunburn.

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  8. Howard Cosell

    Howard Cosell

    Cosell (shown with actor Gabe Kaplan) rocking the custard-yellow blazer in the 1970's.

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