Rocky Mountain High Tech


Arc'teryx Alpha SV: Complete with a three-layer, waterproof outer shell, these backcountry-ready mitts leave your fingers so nimble that you can pick up a penny. If Darth Vader skied, he'd wear these. $275,


Klymit Kinetic Double Diamond: Micromanage your own climate control by pumping up the form-fitting vest with argon gas for insulation. Too warm? Twist a dial to deflate and cool off. Extra gas canisters sold separately. $225,


Smith Vantage Audio: This brain bucket has a Bluetooth-enabled Skullcandy headset for listening to your black diamond mix or calling friends stuck at the office to rub it in that you're on the mountain. $340,


ShadowBox: Mount this "black box" to your board to record flight data like jump height, hang time, degree of rotation, and spin rate. Upload the data via a USB port to review your ride path in 3D. $500,


Zeal Transcend GPS SPPX: A tiny screen embedded in the polarized and light-adjusting lens displays GPS metrics such as location, speed, and distance traveled. Just don't toggle through the figures mid tree run. $499,


BCA Float 30 Avalanche Airbag: The airbag will help keep you on top of a snow slide rather than buried under it. It protects a skier's head and neck, and can be reused multiple times. The backpack also comes with a shovel. $700,