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How Safe Are the New Covid Boosters?

Mass Vaccination Center Reopens for Covid-19 Booster Shots
Photographer: Eugene Hoshiko/AP Photo

Hi folks, it’s Kristen in New York enjoying the last gasp of summer weather. A reader is wondering how safe the revamped booster shots are. But first, the news...

Is it safe for older people to get the new Covid booster this fall? Why hasn't it been tested on humans? —Marilyn, Beaverton, Oregon

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention signed off on updated versions of both the Pfizer and Modern mRNA vaccines this week, and the shots are expected to roll out any day now. Moderna’s shot is intended for use in adults 18 and up, while Pfizer’s is for people 12 and older. Those who haven’t had a dose in at least two months will be eligible