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EU Breathes Easier After Macron Re-Election

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The relief by other European leaders over Emmanuel Macron’s re-election was palpable. Germany’s Olaf Scholz was the first foreign leader to call the French president, and Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was quick to praise the win. Even the U.K.’s Boris Johnson, who has had more fights with Macron than most, offered his congratulations in both English and French. Macron, who ran on a pro-business, pro-EU platform, came in above pre-election polls, putting him in a strong position to retain his majority in parliament during a vote in June. Even so, Marine Le Pen was surprisingly upbeat in her concession — and with good reason. She got nearly 2.7 million votes more than in 2017, while support for Macron fell by almost 2 million, showing that the far-right in France has gained ground.