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‘South Park’ Co-Creator Matt Stone on his $900 Million Deal

“We’re not anxious to end the show. But someday we will sell that interest.” 

relates to ‘South Park’ Co-Creator Matt Stone on his $900 Million Deal

Source: ViacomCBS

Matt Stone and Trey Parker just closed one of the biggest talent deals in TV history. ViacomCBS will pay them $900 million to make six extra seasons of “South Park” and 14 movies set in the “South Park” world. It’s also an advance against their share of a lucrative licensing deal with HBO Max. But that sum doesn’t include the actual cost of making new episodes or movies, so the total value of the deal is well north of $1 billion.

While journalists debate whether Hello Sunshine is really worth more than $900 million, or Netflix wasted $300 million on Ryan Murphy, there is one thing we do know: “South Park” is one of the most lucrative assets in the entire entertainment business. And its value, last estimated at around $1 billion, is only going up.