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Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day

Xi Jinping 

Xi Jinping 

Photographer: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images 

Xi Jinping speaks at Davos event. Tencent nears $1 trillion. The best and worst places to be during Covid.

President Xi Jinping called on the world to abandon “ideological prejudice” and shun an “outdated Cold-War mentality” as he signaled that China will continue to forge its own path regardless of western criticism. It’s vital to stay committed to international law and international rules “instead of staying committed to supremacy,” Xi told the Davos Agenda event, in his first address since Joe Biden entered the White House. “Confrontation will lead us to a dead end,” he said, and urged a return to mutual respect to help recovery from the pandemic. The Biden administration said it was  approaching ties with Beijing with "patience" and will review Donald Trump's actions, including tariffs and company delistings.