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New Tech Shows Bosses Just How Hard Remote Work Is

One company increased prompts for workers to more energy by 30%.

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Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Hey, it’s Josh. Working in a call center has always been a difficult job, and doing it from your kitchen table while you homeschool your children is even harder. That’s the conclusion reached by Cogito Corp., which makes software used by hundreds of thousands call center agents in the U.S. It’s one of several tech companies helping bosses keep digital tabs on out-of-sight employees.

Cogito’s software monitors every call agents make, analyzing metrics like tones of voice to see how the conversation is going. It’s found that since the start of the pandemic, average customer experience scores have fallen by 4%. It can respond by giving agents prompts to, say, be more empathetic to a raging caller. As virtually all call center agents shifted to work from home, Cogito’s prompts for them to show more energy at a work increased by more than 30%.