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politicsClosed Sep 26, 2022

Follow Results of Italy's General Election

  • Meloni’s right-wing bloc set for clear majority in Italian vote
  • Night’s winner strikes a moderate tone, saying it’s time for responsibility
  • Meloni would be the country’s first female prime minister
  • Slumping support for Salvini’s League risks instability in coalition
  • New government won’t be in place until end of October
Here are the KEY TAKEAWAYS from Italy’s election night:
  • Giorgia Meloni is the clear winner. Her right-wing bloc is set for a majority of seats in both houses of Parliament. Meloni portrayed herself as a moderate leader in her first speech, saying “this is the time of responsibility”
  • The right bloc won’t get a super majority, reassuring investors who were concerned about potential changes to Italy constitution. The euro had a muted reaction, and markets will now focus on the composition of her bloc’s government
  • Matteo Salvini lost half of the votes he got in the 2018 elections and could be challenged by members of his League party. This was the best-case scenario according to some analysts who saw Salvini as the main risk for the country
  • The populist Five Star party is getting traction in Southern regions. The Democrats got less than 20% of the vote, confirming they were not close to challenge the right-wing bloc
  • The new government won’t be in place at least until end of October, after President Sergio Mattarella meets with party leaders and parliament speakers to give the mandate to the new prime minister