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Gifts of Wonder Animation
Illustration: Qianhui Yu

11 Holiday Gift Ideas That Are Truly Magical

Whether your loved one is 6 or going on 60, here are inspired items that will spark delight, curiosity and a love of nature.

Every year, the team at Bloomberg Pursuits creates a whole slew of gift guides—steering our readers toward the best spirits, or the most extravagant luxury trinkets, or items that aren’t even physical gifts at all! But this year we wanted to get back to what’s best about the act of giving: sparking a sense of wonder in someone. To that end, here are 11 of the most enchanting objects we’ve seen in our many years of research on these guides. Each of them has curiosity built into the gift itself, and you’ll find that many offer a new view into nature, life or just your bedroom at home. These are our 2022 Gifts of Wonder.

This piece of artwork for your desk or shelf combines delicate phosphorus bronze and real dandelion seeds underneath a glass dome for a visually compelling sculpture that emphasizes the fragility—and power—of life. Dandelions are often viewed as weeds, but what child hasn’t found joy in picking up a bloom and blowing to watch the seeds scatter into the air? For this sculpture, flowers are hand-picked in the Netherlands, and the seeds are then connected by hand to an LED light, one by one, to create a flower that glows dreamily from within. The visible battery adds to the bare, bold aesthetic. Studio Drift; $515