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relates to ‘I Am Energy’: Inside the Bang Billionaire’s Reeling Empire
Illustration: Giacomo “twopixx” Sforza for Bloomberg Businessweek

‘I Am Energy’: Inside the Bang Billionaire’s Reeling Empire

Jack Owoc—a trash-talking, chest-baring, only-in-Florida entrepreneur—has challenged Red Bull and Monster with his upstart beverage company. Now his caffeine-infused juggernaut could be headed for a crash.

The applause had died down by the time Jack Owoc mounted the stage in a Manhattan conference venue in June, a microphone in one hand, an energy shot in the other. He moved in to fist-bump the outstretched palm of the moderator, then sidestepped him. Four hundred pairs of eyes surveyed the billionaire. He wore a shiny Renaissance-meets-Miami-nightclub blazer, an even shinier button-up, New Balance sneakers, and a joyless expression. Slung around his neck were two thick gold chains, and on his chest rested a big, bedazzled lowercase B—the logo of his company, Bang Energy. Through his veins coursed the caffeine equivalent of about nine cups of coffee.

“God bless you guys,” Owoc said. “Look, we’ve got to take this up a notch so can I ask everybody to stand up, please, because this is Bang Energy, I exude energy, I am energy.”