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The Big Take

The Tech Rout Isn’t Just Cyclical—It’s Well-Earned, and Overdue

The market collapse isn’t just the inevitable result of macroeconomic forces like high interest rates and inflation. It’s also the best opportunity in more than a decade to reckon with the tech industry’s excess.

Over the past half-century, Silicon Valley has toggled between two similar-sounding pursuits that are often in conflict: wealth creation and moneymaking. Wealth creation is the act of invention and patient, long-term business building. It’s the rising tide that lifts the boats of employees, shareholders, and everyone else. Moneymaking is the baser impulse: the hunt for a quick buck. The technology industry and its risk-happy patrons have learned, time and again, what happens when short-term profiteering takes precedence over the development of stable companies that can create cool stuff. And yet, here we are again. Years of wildly inflated valuations, crypto-flavored pyramid schemes, and all manner of naked opportunism have led us to the Bust of 2022.

The Tech Monolith Is Crumbling - The ...