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Photo Illustration: 731; Image: Getty Images
The Big Take

How Jack Dorsey Quit Twitter to Become Bitcoin’s Spiritual Leader

The Twitter founder, Block CEO, and Elon Musk buddy is gazing into the future with laser eyes, and he wants you to follow him.

As he walked onstage at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, Jack Dorsey was still technically the chief executive officer of two publicly traded companies, but he looked more like a beachside bartender. He wore a sunburst tie-dye shirt, with his head shaved and his long, graying beard untrimmed. He’d flown to South Florida, even though the official policy at one of his companies, Twitter, was that employees weren’t supposed to travel for work, and even though a group of activist investors had spent the better part of the previous 18 months trying to oust him for being unfocused. Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin's (Unofficial) S...