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relates to Elite International Schools Have a Racism Problem
Illustration: Yue Zhang for Bloomberg Businessweek

Elite International Schools Have a Racism Problem

Around the world, finishing schools for the Davos class teach excellence—as long as the excellence is White, Western, and English-speaking.

The “placement gong” rings out in the offices of Teaching Nomad, a recruiter for international schools, every time the company places a teacher. The past few years it’s been ringing a lot.

International schools—private, expensive, the instruction almost always in English—were once the exclusive domain of the children of diplomats and expat executives. Today, parents everywhere want in, seeing a Western-style education as a child’s pathway to success. On average, two new international schools are opening a day, and the demand for teachers is insatiable. Teaching Nomad’s website features hundreds of job openings, from Panama to Vietnam.